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Dr.Love for health is run by physicians interested in the future of medicine. So far we diagnose a disease and we try to cure it with what  it is available to us.

Integrative and anti-aging medicine is about preventing the disease by treating it if it appears by the best methods available. But preventing it is our main goal.

Dr. Belalcazar practiced General Surgery since 1986 in Texas. After 27 years, his interest has changed to the future. This clinic emphasis on Medical Weight Loss with great emphasis in eating habits rather than diet.

We also have dedicated to bio-identical hormones for females and males, by teaching them the importance of the hormones  after a certain  age.

We are dedicated to rejuvenation with nutrition, exercise , patient education, and patient motivation.

Our culture has accustomed us  to get instant results without patient involvement. We just let the pill do the work.  We involve the patient in their treatment.

We are working on the Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix which is the Next Generation PRP.

P.R.P. which is the future of medicine.

We have extensive experience in Botox, Fillers and Mesotherapy.

We are also very interested in sexual dysfunction in both male and females.