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Our Services

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  • Medical Weight loss -
  • FDA approved appetite suppressants.
  • Fat burning injections: Lipo-b or Lipoden.
  • HCG Injections.
  • Evaluation by  Physician.
  • Hormone  Replacement for Females and Males. - Administered by Pellets.  
  • Specialize in Pellet hormonal replacements. (No weekly shots) Pellets last up to 4 months. 
  • Botox
  • Annual Physicals
  • Full Laboratory Testing. Through Access.
  • Facial Fillers - we use your own plasma, fat, or pharmaceutically created such as Restylene, Perlane, to rejuvenate your face by loss of volume, avoiding surgery.
  • Spider Vein sclerotherapy

Our Goals

  • Dr. Alberto L. Belalcazar, M.D.  mission is to provide, high-quality care for overweight patients using direct one to one personalized  Medical based weight loss programs.
  • You will spend over an hour with Dr. Belalcazar. He will examine you, review your past medical and family history. Once he determines that you qualify for our program, he will explain it in detail to you.
  • If indicated he will prescribe any of the appetite suppressants available in the market. Including their action, difference and risk involved.
  • He will describe the diets available fitting your needs.
  • Once the diet is chosen the two of you will develop a plan of action using both the appetite suppressant and the chosen diet.
  • Dr. Belalcazar will explain the time period to reach the patients' goal according to the number of pounds the patient loses per month.
  • Dr. Belalcazar is high in motivation, encouraging the patient to keep a journal of what they are eating and not to give up.
  • The weight loss should be effortless, without being hungry, successful and permanent.
  • Dr. Belalcazar emphasises that the program is a lifelong program. He discourages patients that want to use the program to overeat during the holidays. If the patient does not comply with the program and doesn't lose weight the patient will have two warnings before being dismissed from the program.
  • All appetite suppressants are government regulated and Dr. Belalcazar adheres strictly to FDA guidelines.
  • The basis of weight loss is our eating habits and Dr. Belalcazar does everything possible to change those habits. Unless the eating habits are not changed the weight will come back.
  • Our approach to weight loss is unique and different. We are firm believers inhabit changes and better food choices. No medical weight loss program would be complete without our "fat burning injections". They really burn fat making extra calories available to burn and lose weight. One is called lipo-b which contains seven fat burning medications, the other injection is the world famous HCG.
  • To schedule an appointment, please call +1.210-532-9791. 
  • e-mail Drloveforhealth@gmail.com​​